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We all need to challenge conventions more frequently

The marketing industry has changed so much in the 25 years I’ve been involved with it, but why do we still hold on to long-standing conventions? The hosts and guests attempt to challenge conventions and inspire us to think differently. Bravo!

This made me think… and rethink

I’m not a natural sales person or marketer. I struggle with both. When I have a question, this is where I go to find an answer.. I TRUST! Plus, (bonus).. they’re fun to listen to!

Motivation for Marketing

This is like networking with other agency owners! Get insights, observations, and honesty. The format works great with the exchange between the hosts, and you feel a part of the conversation.

An Oasis of Insight

I almost sprained my neck from nodding so hard! As someone who tends to overthink things, as well as has had my confidence battered during various stages of my career, this podcast has done the unthinkable - rekindled my love for sales! I recommend it enthusiastically.

A very well done podcast about rethinking how you do your marketing

An easy listen and you're learn something! Not too shabby! Listen to it now!

A lot in a little space

Lots of good ideas presented in short episodes. Pithy insights.

Excellent Conversations From Smart People

The best thing about this podcast is Eric and Colin bring different perspectives to the table and exercise the topics between them. I love the broad point of view that the show brings. Can’t miss!

Colin and Eric are brilliant.

This is a fantastic podcast dedicating to all things marketing. I love how Colin and Eric pull their opinions from their many years of experience and knowledge on growing businesses with strategic marketing and more.

Always Insightful!

Colin Jeffries and Eric Reed cover insightful topics that modern marketing leaders need to hear. The episodes are always timely and enlightening. Highly recommend!

Love the show!

Colin and Eric do a magnificent job breaking down the myths and lies around marketing and sales! If you are a business leader or marketer or someone who sells, this is a can’t miss show!


As a small business owner this is a podcast that is helpful for me. Highly recommend!

I love the 2-person host interview!

I had the chance to be a guest on ‘ReThink Marketing’ and loved the experience. Eric and Colin were great hosts. With their different yet complimentary styles and experiences - it made for a dynamic show. I was also impressed with their listening skills which caused it to be an authentic conversation instead of a script led podcast. Great podcast and looking forward to hearing future episodes!

Super Informative!

Eric and Collin make a great team, a must listen for any small business owner

Very informative!

Colin and Eric are a great team! Their content is super helpful to my small business and they have helped me figure out how to implement some different strategies to market it. Can’t wait to learn more from them!

Great information

As a small business owner, I’m always looking for new ways to rethink, optimize, and expand my business. I find the Take5 podcast extremely informative. Keep it up

Great episode with Tara Hunt!

I wanted to say think you for having Tara Hunt on the podcast. I have been following her work for a while and always enjoy her perspective on “personalized Marketing. I loved the tone of the conversation!

Brilliant Podcast!

After hearing one of Colin’s and Eric’s podcasts I was hooked. They have a intellectual approach to rethink or question what is considered normal. Great content. Can’t wait to hear more.

great content

Love this podcast, super insightful and easy to listen to.

Great content!

Really great and interesting content, I found this episode to be insightful! Great energy, keep it up and excited to see where this heads!