Are you drowning in the sheer volume of contradicting marketing & sales speak? Do you find yourself perplexed and overwhelmed by recommendations from "marketing & sales gurus" ? How can the thought processes of marketing and sales be based on the one size fits all mentality? They can't be! Rethinking conventional wisdom is always good practice but rethinking conventional marketing and sales wisdom is necessity. If you aren’t sure how to ignore the bad and test the good, then welcome to the Rethink Marketing Podcast.

The Rethink Marketing Podcast is a quick hitting punchy conversation focused on "rethink" and questioning how we are doing things. Each week your hosts Colin Jeffries and Eric Reed open up conversations on brand, strategy, advertising, sales, ad-tech, growth, tactical execution, emerging trends and more. They are joined by industry experts with insider, influencer or celebrity status. This is where we all step outside the echo chamber and rethink everyday assumptions around marketing and sales.

When you’re ready to rethink marketing and sales, dive in with us! If you haven’t been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Revenue Officer within six months of listening to the Rethink Marketing Podcast, we’ll give you a full refund!

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